VelQuest EBR

VelQuest provides SmartBatch EBR which is electronic batch record software system used to document the execution of any procedure or recipe.

SmartBatch reduces the risk of non-compliance:

  • Proper initiation of a procedure by preventing use of outdated SOPs
  • Only trained operators use approved supplies and equipment
  • Checking that collected data values are within limits
  • Elimination of transcription errors from
  • Paper or data entry to other systems

Managers can assign, review, and approve operators’ work. Operators can capture data and sign electronically. Trending reports and batch certificates can be automatically generated for review. Data can be exported to other corporate systems such as LIMS, MES, or ERP.

Productivity is increased by system automation such as:

  • Batch Administration
  • Electronic availability of procedures—no need for paper printouts
  • Collection of data—no more paper logbooks, binders, or data forms
  • Calculations—built into the procedure and validated
  • Transfer of data to corporate systems

This application is most useful for small to midsize life science companies who must comply with GMPs, but lack the financial and human resources required to support full-scale MES automation.

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